Friday, 19 February 2016

Level Limits on MMOs

Max Levels On MMORPGsI always found level limits a strange factor in MMOs. Because most MMO developers need to keep producing additional content in order to keep the hardcore gamers happy. I feel like removing the level limit would allow the most hardcore gamers to shine and be more competitive. At the same time I think it would give the developers more breathing room when it comes to adding new content as there would always be something for players to do.

But of course I do feel this has a down side too because it will encourage players to dedicate ridiculous amounts of time in order for them to stay at the top. In addition it could lead to account sharing, meaning those high levels aren't really genuine.

Tales of Solaris Auction system

Tales of Solaris Auction systemBy clicking on the 'Market' button on their interface players can access the Auction system. Here players can search for items they wish to purchase via the search bar or by using one of the available categories. Players can also choose to sell items by placing them up for Auction for either 12, 24 or 48 hours.


Tales of Solaris Divine Beast

Tales of Solaris Divine BeastPlayers can activate this feature from their character window by clicking on 'Divine Beast' and then clicking activate. This will gift them a level 0 Divine Beast egg. The egg will then undergo 9 stages of growth, changing its appearance and boosting its attributes as players nurture it. The egg's stats will then be added to the player's character.

In order for the Divine Beast egg to reach the next stage of growth, it needs to gain 10 stars, this can be done so by paying gold or ingots. Once all 10 stars are filled, in order to proceed to the next stage players need to obtain souls via hunting, this can be done for free each day but additional attempts cost ingots. There is also a chance to fail the stage upgrade, which will result in losing the acquired soul. Players can choose to change the Divine Beasts avatar, and obtain additional ones in-game.


Tales of Solaris Love system

This feature is only available to players of level 45+. To start taking part in this feature players need to confess to another player who meets the level requirement for the Love system. To start players need to open the confession panel and choose the amount of roses to present to the person they want to confess to as well as even write a vow.

If the other player accepts then players will become lovers and gain access to various benefits such as the flower buff. Another method of finding a couple is to get recommendations, where players will be matched with two other players of a similar battle power, recommendations refresh every 12 others or they can be refreshed for 5 gold ingot. There are three different types of confessions:
  • Economical - Costs nothing and offers no special effects (mainly for newer and less rich players).
  • Romantic - Costs 521 ingot, invites friends from both players to send their wishes, which turn into flowers and boost the couple's popularity.The couple will also receive a romantic box.
  • Luxury - 1314 Ingot required for this one, here the whole server will be able to send their wishes, boosting popularity of the couple, they will also receive a love and heaven box.
Couples also have an intimacy level, this increases as they interact with one another. This can be done so by sending flowers to each other or clearing dungeons and fighting powerful boss monsters together. If players wish to they can end their relationship at any time.


Tales of Solaris Escort Event

Tales of Solaris Escort EventThe Escort event is available all day long, in order to participate players need to visit the Escort officer. Between 15:30  and 16:00 players will receive double rewards from the Escort event. When the event starts players will randomly be selected a lady to escort, each lady gives players different rewards and if players aren't satisfied with which one they have to Escort they can choose to refresh and get reassigned.

There are two types of Escorts; Heroic and Safe. Heroic will mean players will have a chance of getting robbed, while safe Escort means players will only get half the rewards. The rewards include gold.


Thursday, 18 February 2016

Tales of Solaris Hero Temple

Tales of Solaris Hero TempleThe Hero Temple is for players level 40+ and can be accessed from the player's interface. In this event players will be able to challenge and clear various floors of the instance. Players get up to 10 challenge attempts per day. Each floor tests the player's battle skills and rewards them.

There are also 6 statues inside this instance, these statues will represent the 6 different classes and above each class statue it will display the top player in that class who has reached the highest floor in Hero Temple. There is even a betting feature that lets players bet on which of the players will be in the top 10 of a particular class for Hero Temple.


Tales of Solaris Pet Colosseum

Tales of Solaris Pet ColosseumThe Colosseum can be accessed from the player's interface. In the Colosseum players can select the Pet they wish to use as well as its skills. Players can then choose which other player's Pet they want to battle with. Players will be ranked based on how many wins/losses they have, each day they will receive a reward based on their ranking. The top 3 ranked players will receive special rewards.