Sunday, 17 November 2013

Flyff Lord System

Flyff LordsFlyff has a very unique game feature which is called the Lord system, it allows players to vote for a single player to be in charge of the events that happen throughout the whole server which affects all the other players. Once a Lord is picket he/she will also gain various benefits for two weeks.


Only players over level 60 who have logged in at least once in the last 30 days can cast their vote toward who they want to become a lord. The voting requires at least 10% of all the eligible players to vote for the lord to be picket. Votes happen during weekends and players who vote get a 105% drop rate buff.


Players who want to become candidates to be voted for Lord they have to be a master or hero (level 120 minimum) account and submit a minimum of 100 million penya to become a candidate, if the candidates are unsuccessful they can retain some of the money they have bid, depending on the amount of votes they received from other players.


There are various benefits that Lords receive, not only do they get the 45% tax from all NPC purchases and sold items through players, but you will also gain special buffs that will be available to you while you are a lord, as well as equipment that can only be used by lords


The events can include either Item drop increase event or ex events which are the most common on Flyff. The events last 1 hour and the amount of money a lord invests in them, determines the extra percentage of items dropped or exp gained. For example for 100 million the even gives players an extra 5% exp, although for 1 Billion players get an extra 50% exp.

The Lords can also mix exp rate events with Drop rate events such as paying 4 Billion in exchange for 50% more exp and drop rate for 1 hour.

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