Monday, 18 November 2013

Flyff Pet raising system

Flyff Pet Raising systemFlyff has a very unique and detailed pet system. Unlike most MMORPGs, players have to keep their pets alive by feeding them otherwise they will end up dying and reviving them can be very costly. There are various important steps to follow in order to obtain, raise and maintain your pet and many benefits of owning a pet.

Obtaining a Pet

First off you need to obtain the pet. In order to do that you are required to get an egg, players can either fight monsters until they drop one one or purchase it from other players, to be honest eggs are pretty cheap on Flyff and whats really costly is making the egg hatch and that requires an item called pet feed, and lots of it.

Flyff EggPet feed is an item that can be gained by either purchasing it from players or using certain items obtained from killing monsters (also known as quest items) with certain NPCs to convert it to pet feed. You will need lots of pet feed in order to hatch your egg therefore it involves lots of grinding, and not only that but once your egg has hatched you will still need lots more pet feed to constantly keep feeding your pet. Every time you give your egg pet feed its exp will go up and once its reached 99.99% take it to a pet tamer NPC and hatch it.

Benefits of Owning a Pet

Once your pet has hatched you will get a random pet, each one giving the player a different stat boost and as the pet levels up it gains a new rank, it starts at rank D and levels up to max rank S. After each rank it adds additional stat boosts, that's why at S rank a pet can give a huge increase in stats. 

Chance of Hatching from Egg Stat Boost
Dragon Flyff Dragon Pet 16.75% Attack
Fox Flyff Fox Pet 55.75% Intelligence

Flyff Lion Pet 11% Strength
Griffin Flyff Griffin Pet 16.75% Defense
Flyff Rabbit Pet

13% Dexterity
Flyff Tiger Pet

9% Strength
Unicorn Flyff Unicorn Pet 16.75% Health

Maintaining your Pet

Flyff Pet Feed BagMaintaining the pet is the most difficult part, as it takes a long time to rank up your pet, also the player needs to constantly feed the pet as its hp decreases whenever the player summons it, and the only way for the pet to gain exp and give the player the stat boost is to have it summoned, to recover the pet's health the player needs to constantly give it pet feed simply by clicking on a bag of pet feed and prevent the pets health from reaching zero or from the player dying, as that will cause the pet to lose one of its lives and eventually die completely, and the only way to revive it is by purchasing an item from the item mall which is very expensive.

S Rank UnicornThe exp gets slower with each rank starting at 0.25% exp every minute at rank D to 0.03% exp per
minute at rank S. After each rank the pet gains extra health so it makes it easier as you don't have to constantly watch its health, after every couple of ranks a pet's looks will also change. Players also grow pets to earn money as it can be quite profitable, especially since some pets can have higher stats than others, and this is purely by luck. Because each time a pet ranks up it has a chance to give a higher stat boost than it normally would which is what some players pay a lot of money for.

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