Monday, 18 November 2013

MMORPGs with too high system requirements

high MMORPG system requirementsWith new MMORPGs constantly coming out and each one with better graphics than the last, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to run many MMORPGs on their computers. And even if the MMORPGs do run, a lot of the time they tend to lag quite a lot.

Some MMORPGs are reasonable and provide players with alternatives, such as low detailed graphics and some even give a wide choice of specific graphic settings that players can change. but others expect players to have super computers and run MMORPGs that would require them to purchase a new gaming PC or Laptop.

There's always the choice to upgrade your  current PC/Laptop by adding a new graphics card, new CPU or a new memory card etc... But it seems like MMORPG makers seem to be too focused on graphics lately, and of course everyone loves good graphics but not when the gameplay has to suffer because of them.

This is probably one of the reasons why retro and less hardware demanding MMORPGs are so popular, they're not as overwhelming and although they may not be as visually mind blowing, they tend to offer an addictive gameplay system that in the end is much more important than any high quality graphics. Of course there are exceptions, some MMORPGs balance gameplay and graphics very well, but there's also many that think they can disguise their lack of creativity in gameplay with fancy graphics. 

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