Sunday, 23 February 2014

Cyber Monster - 2D Browser MMO

Cyber monster is a browser MMO published by game321. Cyber monster has anime style graphics and focuses mostly on pets that fight alongside the player. Players can tame wild monsters and use them as pets that protect the player. Cyber monster has many features including: the Pet Signet System, Marriage, PVP Arenas, Guild system and players can choose from four basic classes at the start of the game.
 Cyber Monster has shut down and is no longer available

Cyber Monster Online
CostFree to play
Dimension 2D
Cash ShopYes
Release Date 2012
WebsiteCyber Monster
 Unique Features
Pet Signet system
General Features
Marriage, Guild system, PVP Arena, Pet system, Daily Rewards
Cyber Monster Images: 

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