Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Difference between MMORPGs and Online Game Modes

MMORPGAlthough there may seem to be almost no difference between the two, MMORPGs and online game modes have very different audiences and expectations. MMORPGs don't usually contain a single player option and are made to last as long as possible. A typical MMORPG will keep running and receive regular updates until it loses its playerbase or in some cases creates a sequel MMORPG, although even in this case the servers for the original MMORPG can be kept running if there are enough players on it.

Online Game ModeOnline Game Modes usually serve as an alternative to the main game. They are added as an extra feature, or in some games; the main feature. But online Game Modes aren't always the main focus of every game that has them. Also a lot of online Game Modes don''t last as long as MMORPGs because usually they aren't as progressive, and unlike MMORPGs they don't tend to have item malls that generate profits over time. Games with online modes or without have a single one off purchase fee, afterwards they are free to play, although in some cases there are subscriptions or expansions that cost money.

Overall I suppose the most distinguishing difference between the two is the progression and the difference in the amount of updates that each one usually has. MMORPGs are built for long term gaming and require constant updates in order to stay popular, whereas online game modes don't require updates to keep players hooked since they don't usually plan to make any money after the game has been purchased.

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