Friday, 14 February 2014

Flyff - Rainbow Race Feature


Flyff Rainbow Race NPCThe point of the Rainbow Race feature is to complete seven mini games in random order which are given by NPCs that are scattered across the Flyff World on the floating islands above the land. The first 10 players to complete them will be rewarded. The Event lasts for 2 hours although you need to sign up for it 2-3 hours before it starts. Also the Event is only available once a week every Saturday.


In order to join the race players are required to have a flying item (Board/Broom etc..) as well as 1 million penya. They also need to be in channel 1 of any server to participate in the Rainbow Race otherwise they will get disqualified. The Rainbow Race only happens once a week therefore players need to Sign up between 12am- 2pm, get ready at 3pm and the race starts at 3:30pm until the Rainbow Race ends at 5:30pm. The Event happens every Saturday and the times are all in Pacific Standard Time.

The Race

Flyff Rainbow Race RR IconOnce The Rainbow Race Starts the RR (Rainbow Race) Logo will become available at the bottom of the navigation, players can then click on it to see which mini game they have to do first, the mini game that they have to do first will be highlighted. The map below indicated which NPCs are where by colour. So if the a minigame is highlighted in blue, you need to go to the blue NPC, if red then go to red etc.. Once an Minigame is complete there will be a tick next to it in order to help you to keep track on how many more are left.
Flyff Rainbow Race NPC locations

The 7 Minigames

Flyff Rainbow Race Mini games

Rock Paper Scissors: Win 3 consecutive games
Drop the Ball: Required you to predict the winning hole
Typo: Type the exact letters and numbers provided by the NPC
Concentration: In order to win you need to match all of the correct Masquerpets
Anything but math: You need to correctly answer 5 consecutive maths questions
Lucky Roller: Roll the Dice until the number on the Dice Matches what the NPC rolls.
Stopwatch: Required to press a button within 0.3 seconds

After Players Finish the Rainbow Race Mini games they need to go back to the Rainbow Race Officer and click 'Confirm Completion of the Rainbow Race'


There are two different types of rewards at the end of the Rainbow Race.

First is the Penya reward which is given to the top 10 players to finish all seven events. The Penya rewarded comes from all the application fees for the Rainbow Race event by the players.

1st Place =   50% of all the player application fees
2nd Place =  24% of all the player application fees
3rd Place =   12% of all the player application fees
4th Place =    6% of all the player application fees
5th Place =    3% of all the player application fees
6th Place =    1.5% of all the player application fees
7th Place =    0.75% of all the player application fees
8th Place =    0.375% of all the player application fees
9th Place =    0.1875% of all the player application fees
10th Place =  0.09375% of all the player application fees

The second reward goes to all the players who have completed at least 4 of the minigames, even if they come in last they will still get this reward as long as at least 4 of the minigames are complete.

4 mini games completed: 1 x Fireshower
5 mini games completed: 1 x Rainbow Box
6 mini games completed: 2 x Rainbow Box
7 mini games completed: 4 x Rainbow Box

All of which have various random rewards inside

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