Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Gathering Resources in MMORPGs

Gathering Resources in MMORPGsGathering Resources is one of the most common features of any MMORPG. The purpose of gathering resources is to either craft materials and equipment out of the raw materials gathered or to produce food and other resources. Gathering in MMORPGs comes in many different shapes and forms, such as mining, farming, Skinning, Hunting, Fishing, woodcutting and various other specific gathering methods depending on the MMORPG.

The raw materials that are obtained from gathering resources can be used to produce high quality weapons that usually surpass items that can be purchased from NPCs. The way that these resources can be gathered is by picking a profession that is aimed at gathering specific types of resources such as ores, fish, wood and flowers. Afterwards players with a crafting profession can use those resources in order to produce useful items and equipment for other players.

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