Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Should low level monsters in MMORPGs give exp?

The vast majority of MMORPGs don't seem to allow exp from monsters after a player reaches a certain amount of levels above the level of the monster. I can see some of the reasons why this is done, although at the same time it seems slightly pointless at some points. The reason why I believe low level monsters don't give exp is to prevent automated bots from grinding on the low level monsters without the worry of losing health. Although I think the more advanced bots wouldn't have that much of a problem leveling on higher level monsters and gain far more exp.

But I guess there are other reasons for this, and that is to encourage the player to explore the MMORPG world and enjoy the many different quests and features that the MMORPG has to offer by travelling to higher level areas. Overall I don't see the reason in stopping exp gain from low level monsters, but at the same time I guess it's not really a problem for people since in a way it would be kind of pointless leveling on low level monsters.

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