Friday, 21 February 2014

Top 5 Hacks That Ruin MMORPGs

This is the list of the most common forms of hacking that occurs on MMORPGs that are likely to cause players to quit an MMORPG. These hacks end up ruining the gameplay experience for other players as well as giving the MMORPG a bad reputation when they don't take measures to stop the hackers.

There is always a potential for hackers to take advantage of any MMORPG, it's just a matter of time until someone discover certain types of glitches or loop holes that can be exploited and how well a lot of MMORPGs do really depends on whether an MMORPG decides to take action to stop these hacks immediately or not.

Speed hacks in MMORPGs 1. Speed hacking

Although speed hacks aren't very common or useful in a lot of MMORPGs, they do ruin the experience for a lot of players. The purpose of a speed hack is to increase a player's movement or actions in order to have an advantage. And in some MMORPGs where it does make a difference such as shooting or racing MMOs, it gives an incredibly unfair advantage which may discourage players from playing that MMORPG ever again.

MMORPG hacks

2. Item/Currency Duplicate hack

Item or currency duplication is bad for the MMORPG itself as well as other players. When players spend hours and hours of grinding to obtain a certain item and then other players just duplicate gold and gain that item within seconds, it can really kill any value of an item and thus obtaining anything on that MMORPG just becomes pointless. Not only that but duplicating ridiculous amounts of money or items can ruin an MMORPGs economy which can result in rollbacks, thus leaving even more people unhappy with the MMORPG.

3. DoS

Denial of service in MMORPGsThis is one of the more rare hacks which usually occurs on less funded MMORPGs that don't have proper security measures to defend themselves from denial of services (DoS) attacks. But when this does happen to an MMORPG and the server gets shut down preventing anyone from logging in, it really gives the impression that the MMORPG is unreliable and isn't worth spending hours on leveling a character when you can't even play most of the time.

4. Autoing/Botting

Botting in MMORPGsThis is definitely one of the most common ways of hacking. And this isn't necessarily because a player wants to cause any harm to an MMORPG, it's simply to gain an upper hand over other players by getting free experience and money while doing nothing. Botting is usually done by using scripts which perform repetitive actions that can be done without the person being by their computer/laptop. Many of the most popular MMORPGs have and still contain a lot of players who bot and it is a difficult problem to tackle because bots are getting more and more sophisticated making them harder to detect. Ultimately bots ruin the experience for others since it's more frustrating for honest players who work hard and have to put up with bots progressing just as fast as them if not faster without the player even being there.

5. Account hacking

Account hacking in MMORPGsThis in my opinion is the number one reason that will cause any player quit an MMORPG. Especially when you have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours on an MMORPG and then someone hacks your account, depriving you of your account and everything you have accumulated on it. This is definitely the worst thing that could happen to any player on an MMORPG and when an MMORPG has a high reputation for accounts getting hacked, this definitely gives a bad impression and will make a lot of people think twice before considering it.

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