Thursday, 27 March 2014

Exp rates on MMORPGs

MMORPG Exp RatesIt is a well known that on a lot of MMORPG, exp rates vary over time. In particular MMORPGs that are first released tend to have lower exp rates. And as time progresses the exp rate increases in order to help newer players catch up to some of the more seasoned players. Although some may consider this a bit unfair, considering some people have had to spend many more hours leveling than recent players in order to achieve the exact same thing.

Other MMORPGs go in a different route, some offer newer players exp bonuses or more help at the start, as well as more areas to level in and more features and ways to obtain exp. While others stay consistent and don't increase exp rates. Which can make it slightly difficult for beginner players to get into the MMORPG, when there are players who are far higher level and more experienced than them. But there is no best way to tackle the exp rate problem, it really depends on the MMORPG.

In contrast MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft have added features for higher players that allow them to obtain equipment that can be given to any new character that a player makes on the same account, which offer significant exp boosts, as well as exceptional stats to help them level up faster. This is one way in which players benefit from already having played the MMORPG for a decent amount of time when leveling a new character. Thus giving them a huge advantage over new players.

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