Friday, 14 March 2014

Player level vs skill in PVP MMOs

When it comes to a player's level versus a player's skill in PVP all MMORPGs are different. Most MMORPGs take into account both a player's level, items/equipment and skill in order to determine the winner in PVP. An example of an MMORPG that revolves mostly around a players skill is League of Legends, because players at level 1 can definitely defeat players at level 30 ( max level).

Even though levels in League of Legends give a player certain perks such as increased stats and affects from runes and masteries, these perks don't make such a huge difference (especially late game). Also League of Legends has a leveling system that is restarted every single match, and that's really the level that counts the most in-game. Therefore the lower level player still has a good chance at winning against a higher level. This is a huge contrast to other MMOs such as Runescape or WoW, where a level 1 couldn't even scratch a player at his max level.

Focusing on a players skill opposed to levels is a great way to allow casual gamers to compete with hardcore gamers. Because players wont have to level up in order to beat higher level players and make them rely mostly on their skills and tactics. Of course on the other hand it would be slightly unfair to the high level players who have worked hard and spent many hours leveling up their character, just to have a level 1 defeat them. But of course as always each MMORPG is suited for different people with different preferences.

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