Friday, 14 March 2014


As you may know, there is absolutely no difference between the meanings of PVP and PK, they both mean the same thing. PVP stands for player versus player, while PK stands for player kill, and of course both of them describe combat between two or more players. Although personally I'm not sure which term was used first but PK seems to be a term that was used amongst older MMORPGs and is becoming less common, while although PVP was also a term used in some older MMORPGs, almost every modern MMORPG uses PVP to describe combat between players.

And although PVP has become a universal term for nearly every MMORPG, the other MMORPGs who use the term PK such as runescape have stuck to it. Although I'm not sure why there is a need for two terms that mean the same thing in the first place, since it will only cause confusion between players. It may be that it was simply the fact that there was no universal term for player combat back when there were hardly any MMORPGs, and some of the first MMORPGs created their own ways to describe combat between two players.

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