Friday, 14 March 2014

Referral systems in MMORPGss

Referral systems are a great way to provide incentive for players to invite their friends or other people to an MMORPGs. But lately MMORPGs have been adding various requirements that the referred players need to fulfil in order for the referrer to get rewarded. This is of course to prevent fraud. By which it prevents a player from just making multiple e-mail addresses and just claiming rewards for all of them.

Something like that was possible with some MMOs, but now referral systems are a lot more strict which is a good thing for all the honest players out there. For example, if a player is referred to an MMORPG he will either need to reach a certain level or purchase something from the cash shop before the referrer gains a reward. But its not like referral systems give amazing rewards, its just that if someone were to make dozens of e-mails and just claim rewards for all of them, it would amount to quite a lot.

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