Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Auction House Vs Player Owned Stalls

Auction Houses in MMORPGsI like to think that auction houses are a much more convenient way to sell items opposed to player owned stalls. The only advantage that I can think of player owned stalls or player owned shops is that there is more of a chance for players to impulse buy whenever you sell a bunch of items at low price. But auction houses allow players to sell items over a long period of time without needing to stay logged on. Not to mention the fact that it makes finding specific items for sale so much easier.

Auction houses seem to have the upper hand in nearly every area when you compare them to player owned stalls. Its simply because they are a lot more convenient and efficient, and they make everything a lot more convenient for the seller and the buyer. Auction house systems are becoming more common on MMORPGs and rightly so, because MMORPGs in general are becoming more convenient with the introduction with various other features such as the auto NPC and quest finding. 

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