Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Gathering Vs Production Professions on MMORPGs

Gathering and Production Professions on MMORPGsI think it depends entirely on the player whether they choose a gathering or production profession in an MMORPG. Gathering professions include mining, woodcutting, skinning etc. While production professions focus on using those materials that are gathered to create useful items and equipment through professions such as blacksmithing or alchemy. In most MMORPGs gathering professions are usually for players who want to earn some extra money while they are out in combat fighting monsters.

Whereas production professions can be a bit more tricky to earn money, but they help players create items that are useful for them. But a lot of production professions can be used to make a lot of money effortlessly if players sell items at the right time and max out their profession levels. Both profession types have their advantages and disadvantages but they are both equally as important and useful in their own way in all MMORPGs.

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