Friday, 4 April 2014

Healers and Buffers

Healers and BuffersIn earlier MMORPGs, healers were in charge of healing the group and they were the buffers of the group at the same time. But with the introduction of new classes such as Dancers or Buffers who's main, if not only role is to buff the team members as well as to debuff monsters by reducing their stats or giving them various penalties. I would imagine buffers would have a difficult time finding a spot within a small group, because it is a very specific class.

Most classes fall under three categories; healer, damage dealer or tank. Buffers are almost a category of their own because often they don't do any of those besides damage, but their damage is limited due to the fact that that usually isn't their speciality. I can imagine buffers are a must in large dungeon groups, but they cant have that much of an influence in small groups. Seems to me like a lot of MMORPGs are trying to give more and more specific group roles to players, hence the huge amount of classes to choose from on some MMORPGs.

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