Sunday, 27 April 2014

Importance of progression in MMORPGs

importance of progression in MMORPGsProgression is the main aspect of any MMORPG. Progression is what keeps people playing and competitive. Of course there are cases where some games are just for fun and  people don't necessarily progress in any way, but progression is always beneficial in almost any MMO. There are different types of progression within an MMORPG such as levels, in-game currency, achievements and even a player's skill can count as progression. Therefore essentially every game can be considered progressive.

If there was absolutely no progression within a game, then there would be little motivation to keep playing. Today's MMORPGS have found various unique ways to allow players to progress in different parts of an MMORPG. Such as reputation with factions, Guild levels, Pet levels, Quest points, rebirth system and much more. Progression is at the very core of almost every MMORPG and is the reason why people keep playing the same MMORPGs for years.

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