Monday, 7 April 2014

In-game Grinding vs paying for in-game money

Grinding vs Paying for moneyGrinding for in-game money and loot is usually how the majority of people gain their items in an MMORPG. The advantage of grinding is that usually you value the items you earn a lot more than you would if you purchased them with real money. Of course the downside is that no matter how many hours you spend grinding, anyone could match what you did in those hours with just a few clicks in the MMORPG cash shop.

Although one of the advantages of grinding is that you gain levels, which most MMORPGs don't allow players to obtain with money. But overall I believe grinding for in-game money and paying real money for in-game wealth are equally as important. Because if there were no people who would grind on the MMORPG, then there would be no actual value in anything on the MMORPG. It would just be a contest of who is richest, while at the same time people who pay for cash shop items help fund the MMORPG and keep it going.

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