Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Is there a reason to play an MMORPG during Closed Beta testing

MMORPG Closed Beta TestingAs a lot of experienced MMORPG gamers know, the closed beta phase is when an MMORPG first releases its playable content to its players. It usually contains a lot of glitches, a lack of content, server issues and much more. On top of which, all of the items and levels you obtain during your closed beta time will most likely be eliminated soon as the closed beta is finished.

So of course its only natural for people to assume there is almost no reason to even consider playing an MMORPG during beta testing. But there are some advantages in trying out an MMORPG before its release. Players get a feel for the MMORPG and find out if they will actually enjoy it when its released. And it helps players find all the quick ways to level up and great areas to grind, especially for the more competitive and hardcore players who wish to be amongst the top players of their server.

Not to mention the fact that a lot of MMORPGs offer discontinued items to participants of the closed beta. These items are special items which are given as a thank you to all who helped with the beta testing, that can't be obtained in any other way. A lot of MMORPGs even offer special classes, titles and more for those who participated in closed beta, which cannot be obtained afterwards.

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