Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Kill stealing in MMORPGs

Kill Stealing in MMORPGsOne of the biggest problems with a lot of the earlier MMORPGs, and even some existing MMORPGs today is kill stealing. Kill stealing is usually the case of a player landing the last killing hit on a monster without doing most of the damage to that monster and still gaining all the loot that it drops. The way that most MMORPGs have countered this is to either give the monster loot to players who inflicted the most damage to a monster, or by only allowing a single player to kill a certain monster and gaining its loot depending on who hits it first.

Kill stealing was usually a huge issue with powerful monsters that drop rare loot, where players spend a lot of time reducing their hp, when another player comes out of nowhere and swoops in to steal the kill just by landing the last hit. This is still a huge issue on a lot of MMORPGs, because it isn't very fair to players who do most of the work.

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