Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Limited Arrows and Ammunition in MMORPGs

limited ammunition in MMORPGsWhen it comes to ranged classes such as archers or classes that use guns, in a lot of MMORPGs these classes need a constant supply of ammunition. Meaning they have to constantly spend money on arrows/bullets in order to keep fighting. Although this may not seem very fair, its not all that different for other MMORPG classes. Mages require mana in order to cast spells, and usually players need to buy mana potions in order to regenerate their mana instantly.

Even warriors and other melee classes are no exception, they have to spend more money on health potions than most other classes because they specialise in close combat fighting, therefore they are bound to get damaged, unlike other classes that specialise in long range combat. So overall as unfair as it may seem, ammunition in MMORPGs is a perfectly fair aspect of any MMORPG. Not to mention the fact that not all MMORPGs enforce this rule, a lot of them provide players with unlimited arrows.

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