Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Losing equipment when failing to upgrade it in MMORPGs

upgrading equipment on MMORPGsI don't like MMORPGs that require a special cash shop item in order for players to safely attempt to upgrade an item, in which case if the upgrade fails the cash shop item will prevent the piece of equipment you're trying to upgrade from being lost. I think players should be allowed to attempt to upgrade an item as many times as they want without ever losing it. Players already spend a lot on the ingredients needed to attempt the upgrade, they shouldn't have to spend even more just to make sure the equipment doesn't get lost.

Because this just enables MMORPGs to make more money and allows people with lots of real life money to have a huge advantage over other players. Item upgrades should have different requirements instead of just money, players should have to kill a certain number of monsters with that weapon/equipment or level it up to a certain point before they can upgrade it each time. Not only would that be a lot more rewarding, but it would be a lot more fair too.

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