Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Marriage systems on MMORPGs

MMORPG Marriage systemMarriage systems on MMORPGs are a way for players to become a couple and gain access to various new features within that MMORPG. With the increase of female players on MMOs, marriage systems are becoming more and more popular, especially on casual or social MMOs in particular. Players often get an additional amount of skills that are usually buffs or exp/item drop rate boosts when they are around their partner.

Marriage systems also help appeal to real life couples who enjoy gaming, as well as help create a more social environment. And depending on the type of MMORPG, players can get various interesting features, items, areas etc.. after they become married. Giving players even more reason to interact with one another and meet that special someone. Often a marriage system requires a cash shop item in order to get married, which is a way for MMORPGs to benefit from this feature as well.

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