Saturday, 12 April 2014

MMORPG Health Potions vs Healing spells

Health potions vs healing spells in MMORPGsWhen it comes to healer classes the problem with healing spells in some MMORPGs is that they have casting times, while Potions are usually used instantly. Of course the problem with potions is that they aren't free. And often potions aren't as useful after a certain level or they become really expensive in large quantities. But at the same time, in some MMORPGs spells can be interrupted by attacks, and this also applies to spells. Which can make it nearly impossible to heal while getting attacked unlike potions, which can be used in any situation.

I guess there are certain situations that both options are useful to healers. Potions are better during combat, while healing spells are probably better after combat. Not to mention the fact that healing spells cost mana, which can be problematic when you use up your mana on healing and don't have enough for offensive spells to inflict damage on your foes.

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