Thursday, 24 April 2014

MMORPGs are getting too overwhelming

Overwhelming MMORPGsWhen it comes to the number of features on MMORPGs, it can sometimes be really overwhelming having dozens of features available to you at the start of an MMORPG. Not to mention whenever you quit an MMORPG like that and come back to it a while later, its difficult to get back on track with all the features on that MMORPG. A lot of MMORPGs need to reduce the amount of unnecessary and unoriginal features that they have, because a lot of people are getting bored with them. Such as cutting down on the large number of daily quests or getting rid of the need to repair equipment.

Anything that will reduce the amount of things that you need to keep track of would be an advantage in a lot of MMORPGs that have too many features. I realise that there are a lot of people that like the overwhelming amount of features too, but newer MMORPGS need to keep in mind that there are people that prefer simplicity as well and they should cater to them too.

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