Tuesday, 29 April 2014

MMORPGs based on movies are more popular

MMORPGs based on movies
I think its almost undeniable that MMORPGs that are based on a Franchise or movies tend to do a lot better than an average MMORPG that doesn't have an already existing community. Not to mention that these types of MMORPGs introduce a lot of new people to MMO gaming. MMORPGs such as Lord of the Rings online, Dragon Ball Online, Star Wars: Old Republic, DC Universe and many more which are based off of movies,series, comics etc.. are extremely popular.

And it seems to be an increasing trend for large existing franchises to have an MMORPG that's based on them by including popular characters from the franchise, as well as many of the areas and even the storyline from the movies/series etc... Although there are new people being introduced in to MMORPG gaming, the MMORPG industry is becoming increasingly competitive with so many new popular additions.

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