Tuesday, 8 April 2014

MMORPGs coming to Consoles

MMORPGs on ConsolesMMORPGs are starting to show up on console platforms. MMORPGs such as DC Universe Online and World of Tanks are popular MMORPGs that are available both on PC and consoles. I think its about time MMORPGs started to appeal to console gamers, as it has arguably become a larger audience than PC gamers. And it's not surprising that MMOs have become available on consoles because at the same time there are mobile versions of MMOs as well. It seems like all MMORPG companies are starting to focus on all types of devices that can run online games.

I think it's only a matter of time before MMORPGs will be more commonly known to be played on mobile devices and consoles instead of PCs like they are today, and have been since they were first released. Same way that subscription based MMORPGs are dying out fast, and are being replaced with free MMORPGs with cash shop items or optional subscriptions.

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