Tuesday, 29 April 2014

MMORPGs with player owned housing

MMORPGs with player housingA very common and successful feature in MMORPGs is player owned housing. The reason why its so successful is because it allows players to use their imagination in order to create the perfect personal space on the MMORPG which players can show off to other players afterwards. Another great thing about a lot of the player housing features on MMORPGs is that players can gain various bonuses from owning certain types of furniture in their house such as bonus exp or stat boosts. Along with showing off various achievements in the house, such as rare items that can be obtained from quests or monster kills and placed in your house for others to see.

The whole idea of building your own house using materials you purchase or obtain yourself is intriguing to most people. MMORPGs often invest a lot of time in this feature in order to provide players with lots of customisation options, as well as incentive to own a house on an MMORPG. Because usually this is a completely optional feature that often doesn't help a player combat-wise. Therefore its there simply for fun and creativity, which I think is reason enough. MMORPGs such as Runescape even have housing as a skill, and by reaching higher levels in that skill players can produce even more rare and high level furniture.

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