Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Problem with huge amounts of classes in PVP

MMORPG Overpowered ClassesWhen it comes to MMORPGs with a huge selection of classes, it becomes more and more difficult to balance them out in PVE and in PVP in particular. Because a single change to a classes' abilities or skills can have a huge impact on other classes. And the fact that some MMORPGs have dozens of them, means that a lot of consideration has to be made when making even the slightest adjustments to a class. Hence why there tend to be a lot of unbalanced classes even on the really popular MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft.

But of course MMORPGs do their best to balance them out, by nerfing certain overpowered classes. It is near enough impossible to perfectly balance each and every class, that's why there tends to be a new overpowered class whenever the previous overpowered class gets nerfed. Essentially  this is all that MMORPGs can do, go in a rotation of classes that get nerfed and overpowered in turn, because considering the huge amount of skills, items and abilities it isn't very likely that an MMORPG can perfectly balance all of it's classes, especially if it has a lot of them.

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