Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Product Placement Advertisements - The future of Games?

product placement advertisementsJust like in Movies and Tv Shows; Product Placements are showing up more often in video games. Due to the fact that Game companies make a lot of money from these advertisements, collaborations between game companies and various advertisers are becoming more common. And as some gamers might already know these product placements aren't always very subtle, while others are almost subliminal as they aren't as blatant.

On the plus side these product placements bring in more money for gaming companies, as well as in some cases add realism to certain games. And as I mentioned earlier, they can sometimes be so subtle that people hardly even notice them, or pay no attention to them as they don't really affect the gameplay at all. But Unfortunately some game companies decide to completely flood their games with product placements, to the point where it makes it difficult to really immerse yourself into the game when there's ridiculous product imagery replacing critical items in-game.

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