Monday, 28 April 2014

Purpose of AOE Spells in MMORPGs

AOE Spells in MMORPGsIn most MMORPGs AOE Spells really have only one purpose. Which is powerleveling or gaining items by damaging and killing multiple monsters at once. There are very few cases where AOE spells are useful in PVP or in boss monster fights. AOE spels often allow players to damage an unlimited amount of monsters within a selected area, although some AOE spells in some MMORPGs limit the amount of monsters that can be hit by AOE spells in order to prevent players from gaining too much exp or items compared to other classes that have little to no AOE spells.

Players can take advantage of AOE in order to grind for items or exp, especially when it comes to areas with many monsters within a small area, where players can just gather large groups of monsters and kill them with just a few AOE spells. And its actually pretty rare to encounter an MMORPG that has no AOE spells at all, because these types of spells are some of the most fundamental spells of MMORPGs. And in a lot of cases even melee classes have AOE abilities, which helps keep MMORPGs fair, because ranged classes shouldn't have an advantage in terms of leveling or obtaining items compared to melee classes.

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