Thursday, 24 April 2014

Questing vs Grinding

Questing vs GrindingQuesting may be fun on some MMORPGs but usually from my experience its just dull. Simply because going from one NPC to another and reading through either broken English or a generic story line or BOTH isn't that much fun. Sure grinding isn't that much more exciting either, but its more relaxed and less stressful, not to mention you can usually get more rare loot this way on a lot of MMORPGs.

Although there are some MMORPGs that offer a great quest experience such as Runescape, because it puts a great deal of effort into each one of its quests, which really live up to their name as they are real quests. Unlike a lot of other MMORPGs where the idea of delivering bread to another NPC shouldn't qualify as a quest in my opinion.

On the other hand questing is still generally the fastest way to level up and get items, and usually the items you get at the beginner quests are better than the items you can get from beginner monster drops. But eventually grinding becomes more important, as most of the best higher level items in MMORPGs are usually obtained through killing various monsters. While grinding isn't fun for everyone, it becomes a necessity and its a lot more common at higher levels when there's usually less quests.

Of course there are always the quests that encourage people to grind such as killing several or dozens of monsters, or even extreme ones that ask a player to kill hundreds of a certain monster in exchange for a reward. But again I don't believe quests like these should qualify as real quests because they are far too basic and completely unoriginal.

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