Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Should weapons have stat requirements?

MMORPG weapon stat requirementsEven though most MMORPGs have equipment that requires character levels and class requirements, they also have stat requirements. Such as warriors need a certain amount of strength and dexterity to wield a sword or mages need a certain amount of intelligence to wield a staff. The problem with this is that it really gets in the way of specific class builds that players want to make. Because if players decide to go with a pure strength warrior class, they would lose out on all the powerful weapons they can wield.

I don't get why nearly all weapons and equipment need to have specific stats. This can be very frustrating later on in MMORPGs when a player is higher level and requires a lot more of a certain stat to wield a weapon that's ideal for them just because they didn't go for a specific build. And the only alternative is to either keep leveling or in a lot of MMORPGs purchase a skill reset scroll/item from the cash shop which is equally as annoying and frustrating.

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