Tuesday, 29 April 2014

What are the most useful Professions on MMORPGs

MMORPG useful ProfessionsIn my opinion MMORPG player professions such as blacksmithing, tailoring, weaponsmithing and jewelcrafting aren't really that useful simply because they lose their use after you max out that specific profession. Sure it can be handy having a profession that compliments your class such as tailoring for mages or blacksmithing for warriors. But there's a problem with that too, in most MMORPGs players can obtain better weapons from dungeon drops than the items they can craft. Not to mention the cost and time it takes to level up a profession, it would be cheaper to just purchase the weapon from another player or an auction house.

Even if you plan to sell weapons and equipment late game, once you maxed your profession out it still isn't always worth it because the problem is that there are a lot of specific items to produce and its difficult to decide which ones will sell the most. Plus the fact that once a player buys a certain weapon, they won't need it anymore. Therefore eventually these types of professions on most MMORPGs will become pointless and will end up just wasting a lot of time.

In my opinion the best professions are those that produce consumables such as potions, food, arrows etc.. Simply because there will always be a demand for them, especially since players will need them more and more, especially late game. So you can expect to keep selling a lot of them without having to worry if people will even purchase them. Also if players don't buy them, potions and food is useful to pretty much every class, so it definitely wouldn't go to waste.

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