Thursday, 22 May 2014

5 features in MMORPGs that have levels and exp

MMORPG Features with Levels and ExpYou may not have noticed it, but MMORPGs are becoming increasingly progressive since they've first been released. At first it was usually only the players that obtained exp and levels, but now there are many different aspects of an MMORPG that can progress along with the player, some of which you may not be aware of or expect to have levels.

This is a list that identifies 5 features that are common in most MMORPGs that have progression in the forms of exp and levels, in the same or similar way that the players themselves do.

5. Guilds

MMORPG Guild Exp and LevelsThis is probably one of the most common features that players can level up, apart from the players themselves. Almost every guild system in any MMORPG has some form of progression. Usually it's in the form of exp and levels. Once a guild accumulates a certain amount of exp, it levels up and with each level the guild obtains extra perks such as: more guild inventory space, better buffs for guild members etc... A lot of MMORPG guild systems level up when players in the guild donate items to
the guild bank, train is certain areas or do certain quests for the guild.

4. Pets

MMORPG Pet levels and experiencePets are the player's loyal companions, while they're out on the battlefield in a lot MMORPGs they obtain exp and eventually level up. Obtaining new skills, abilities, stats and even buffs for the player. Pets are becoming a huge part of MMORPGs, to the point where a lot of new MMORPGs focus solely on pets and provide many features exclusively for the pets themselves.

3. Reputation exp

MMORPG Faction Reputation level and expReputation exp isn't anything new, it has been around for quite a while and it is still a very relevant and common used feature in MMORPGs. Players can obtain experience with certain factions through quests or killing certain monsters. After they reach a certain amount of exp with a faction they will level up with that faction, and gain various perks such as discount prices with that faction and extra quests along with various other advantages. Also there are ways to become hostile with a faction, by losing exp if you kill certain NPCs or monsters and thus you will be attacked by members of that faction on sight.

2. Weapons

MMORPG Weapon level and experienceWeapons having exp is a slightly less common feature, although it is starting to make appearances more often on newer MMORPGs. In some MMORPGs weapons gain exp while players use them, and eventually they level up, obtaining higher stats or they reach 100% exp and can then be upgraded, while other MMORPGs increase a player proficiency with a certain type of weapon ( e.g. swords, maces, daggers etc..) while using them and increasing the damage dealt with those weapons depending on the level of proficiency with that type of weapon.

MMORPG Skill level and exp 1. Skills

Skills are becoming constantly more flexible for players to use. To the point where players can combine skills and customise them in order to make them more efficient in certain situations. A lot of MMORPGs provide skills with exp when players use them, and after reaching a certain amount of exp skills will level up and increase the damage and effects caused.

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