Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Can your PC run the latest MMORPGs of 2014?

MMORPG system requirementsBecause I honestly doubt that my laptop can manage some of the recent graphically demanding MMORPGs. Not to mention the download sizes, which really put your patience and Internet speed to the test. Since with most downloadable MMORPGs you can kind of expect them to be 10GB+, or in some cases hitting the 20GB or 30GB mark. Of course laptops/PCs are advancing at a quick pace, but to me it seems like gamers are expected to obtain a new PC/laptop once every 1-2 years. Because my laptop is 2 years old, yet it's struggling to keep up with the specs that a lot of the modern MMORPGs are expecting.

Of course there's always the option to play an MMORPG in low detail, or severely reduced detail. But I noticed that really makes the gameplay experience suffer, especially when you are forced to extremely reduce your viewing distance and reduce the detail of graphics in general. You don't really get the full experience when you aren't playing the MMORPG with the graphics that it was intentionally designed to be played with.

Not to mention the long loading times, that can even cause negative comments from other team members if you're in a group with them.

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