Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Character Over-customisation in MMORPGs?

MMORPG Character Over customisationI know that it’s important for players to express themselves and have a sense of individuality when it comes to appearances in MMORPGs. But my problem is over customisation, I mean it’s fine if players are offered many choices of hairstyles, face shapes, skin tones etc… My problem is when MMORPGs have customisations for specific character features such as adjusting the size and shape of a character’s nose, adjusting the length of their eyebrows, customising the shape of their chins or ears along with 100’s of other character features.

Some MMORPGs even take about 10 minutes just to customise your character. I really lose the motivation to play such MMORPGs because it feels more like a design project than an MMORPG. And I understand that its important that a character looks the way you want it to look because you will be stuck with it for many hours, but personally I don’t see the point when you will probably have a helmet covering your face anyway, which in my opinion looks more badass anyway.

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