Thursday, 29 May 2014

Damage over time spells in MMORPGs

MMORPG Damage over time SpellsDamage over time spells aren't that common in MMORPGs, and usually a typical MMORPG will only have one or a couple of Damage over time spells per class or none at all. Although in some MMORPGs certain classes are specifically designed for these types of spells and therefore the majority of their spells inflict damage over a period of time. These spells usually come in forms of either burning an enemy over time after casting a fire type spell, health sapping spells or some form of dark corruption spell that corrupts the target for a certain amount of time, causing them damage.

Damage over time spells are more tactical, and usually the caster of these spells is expected to keep a distance between themselves and their target for as long as possible, in order to slowly drain or decay their target's heath. Classes that specialise in damage over time spells are usually darker spellcasters such as necromancers or warlocks, who are known for specialising in dark magic, fire magic and life sapping abilities.

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