Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Fishing in MMORPGs

Fishing in MMORPGsFishing might seem like a boring feature to implement within an MMORPG, but it has been one of the most common MMORPG features throughout the history of MMORPGs. It usually falls under the professions category or comes as a separate feature in MMORPGs. The reason why fishing is actually a fun feature in MMORPGs is because there are so many interesting things players can obtain through it, such as treasure boxes, quest items or rare fish or really large fish which can be very valuable.

The fishing feature usually compliments cooking, as fish is an ingredient for some dishes, and food in MMORPGs can play a huge part, such as giving players buffs and regenerating health. And although fishing isn’t considered a feature that is vital for progression in terms of story-wise or player level-wise it is still a fun extra feature that is great for taking time off from slaying monsters and just taking it easy while possibly obtaining rare items you would never expect to obtain from fishing.

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