Tuesday, 27 May 2014

How MMORPGs encourage players to purchase Cash Shop Items

MMORPG Cash Shop Discounts and OffersThe fact that MMORPGs try to encourage players to use the cash shop is definitely not a bad thing. MMORPG companies need players to use the cash shop in order to make any money and therefore it's only natural they would want players to purchase cash shop items. There are various ways in which players are encouraged to use them.

For example when players are upgrading their items, there's always a chance for the upgrade to fail and therefore you would lose your item. And as the upgrade level of that item increases, the more chance that it will be lost. Cash shops usually provide certain cash shop items that prevent items from breaking during failed upgrades and therefore players are encouraged to buy them.

Other cases are usually seasonal events, where MMORPGs provide players with large discounts on items in the cash shop in order to encourage players to buy them. There are endless ways in which MMORPGs promote and implement their cash shops.

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