Thursday, 22 May 2014

Should MMORPGS allow players to level while afk?

Afk Levelling in MMORPGsLeveling while afk is a feature that usually becomes available after a subscription or a cash shop purchase in most MMORPGs. The purpose of this feature is to let players obtain exp while they're not playing or in some MMORPGs when they're even offline. Of course this is a great feature for the people with lots of money and little time to spare, while not so great for everyone else.

The reason why this feature is great for people with money is because it allows them to level up without spending that much time on the MMORPG itself. And getting the same results as someone else who does spend a lot of time on the MMORPG. In some ways the afk system is just another way for players with money to get an extra advantage over those who don't have cash to spare.

Although there are some advantages to this feature. Such as it allows people with little time to keep up with those who have lots of time to spare (especially in MMORPGs with very high level caps). As well as removes the reason for people to pay others in order to level them up, which is a service that is similar to illegal gold selling, which offers to level players up in exchange for a certain amount of money in real life (all illegally of course).

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