Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Should MMORPGs still be called MMORPGs?

Should MMORPGs be called MMORPGsLately I’ve been wondering if that name was still suitable, since there are so many video games that can be considered MMORPGs but are still called online games. For example online modes for video games, I would say that a lot of them could fall under the MMORPG category. Because in a lot of games you still assume a certain class or role. What confuses me is that Audition Online and Tales Runner (dancing and racing games) are commonly referred to as MMORPGs even though they aren’t since you don’t assume any specific role in either of them, nor do they possess any of the typical MMORPG features.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to define MMORPGs, because they keep changing and adding various unique gameplay aspects. When you think of MMORPGs the first thing that might come to your head is a group of people fighting through dungeons and assuming specific fighting roles in order to support each other. But I think MMORPGs are changing, and soon people will see MMORPGs as a very small niche of online games, or will use the term ‘MMORPG’ loosely to define almost every online game out there.

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