Thursday, 22 May 2014

Upgrading skills vs higher level skills in MMORPGs

Upgrading skills vs higher level skillsWhen it comes to class skills in MMORPGs, there are generally only two ways to progress as players level up. Either provide players with a way to upgrade their existing skills or introduce new skills every few levels. Upgrading skills seems to be the more common approach that MMORPGs tend to use, but after a certain level the skills can't be upgraded for the majority of levels and therefore making them completely useless.

Of course this is when new skills come in, they offer players the ability to keep progressing in terms of damage and offer new visual effects that add to the pleasure of obtaining new skills. Of course in a lot of MMORPGs, skills tend to scale to the stats of a player. For example a certain percentage of a player's stat is added as damage to their skills, which is a great way to maintain usefulness of old skills.

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