Thursday, 15 May 2014

Why are Retro Games and MMORPGs becoming popular

Retro Games and MMORPGsThe reason why Retro MMORPGs and Games are a genre of their own, and are becoming increasingly popular is because they offer something that other Games can't. And that's the nostalgia and simplicity behind them. Even though Retro Games or MMORPGs don't have high quality graphics or a huge amount of features, they let players relive their memories by playing games that contain graphics and gameplay similar to those of games from many years ago that a lot of people played in their childhood.

The very definition of Retro(Retrospective) means to look back on past events. Therefore it is becoming such a successful genre, especially amongst older gamers, since a lot of them have played many games in their childhood. Thus retro games and MMO's have a bigger appeal than regular MMORPGs. Not to mention the low system requirements that Retro MMORPGs require, allowing most operating systems to run them, even if they have really low specs.

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