Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Why having too many MMORPGs is a problem?

Too Many MMORPGsWell personally I think there are more MMORPGs out there in the market than there is room for. I think this is pretty evident due to the increasing number of MMORPGs shutting down. And this isn’t just long term MMORPGS, a lot of newly released MMORPGs have shut down only a couple of years after their release. And this market keeps getting increasingly competitive, especially with many new additions from huge franchises such as DC Universe, Star War: the old republic and various others.

This leaves very little room for smaller MMORPGs that aren’t funded by large companies or have a pre-existing loyal fanbase. Unlike normal video games, MMORPGs aren’t meant to be completed and the money made on them is made through people playing the MMORPGS, opposed to cd purchases etc(except for MMORPGs such as WoW and GW2). The fact that once people complete video games and then move on to other games, allows the gaming market be open for new and smaller game companies. Whereas with MMORPGs it’s much more difficult because MMORPGs are doing everything they can to keep their loyal players, and therefore it is much more competitive.

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