Monday, 23 June 2014

Can MMORPGs be Linear?

Linear MMORPGsWhen it comes to MMORPGs it can be really difficult to establish whether they're linear or not. For example MMORPGs such as Rusty Hearts are focused mainly on Dungeons, therefore there is no open world where you randomly can go round killing monsters. Instead players have to go through a series of dungeons in order to progress. Although having said that, there is no specific order in which players need to complete the dungeons, and although the dungeons themselves are very linear, there are plenty of other features that players can participate in such as PVP or crafting.

MMORPGs in general aren't linear at all, its only certain features such as storyline quests or dungeons that tend to be linear, and even then there are a lot of optional paths and areas that players can choose within those features that prevent them from being too linear. When comparing video games to MMORPGs, there is no doubt in my mind that video games tend to be far more linear. Simply because MMORPGs are known for having open worlds, where players are free to do as they like with very few restrictions.

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