Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Flyff Item Upgrade system

Flyff Element UpgradesUpgrading items in flyff requires sunstones or moonstones. Sunstones are used to upgrade weapons or equipment, while moonstones are used to upgrade jewellery such as rings necklaces or earrings. The maximum upgrade level is + 20 for jewellery and + 10 for weapons and equipment, although the higher the item upgrade level, the less chance the upgrade will be successful. Also if an upgrade fails the item is lost unless you use a scroll of Gprotect which can be purchased from the cash shop.

Flyff Ultimate Weapon Upgrade
There are also other upgrades such as card element upgrades, which require cards that can be obtained through various methods such as killing monsters and then used with weapons or equipments to protect you or increase your damage against certain elemental monsters. The higher element level on a weapon, the more visible the effect of that element will be such as flames or a certain coloured glow depending on the element. As well as ultimate weapon upgrading, that requires special upgrade materials.

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