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Grand Fantasia Dungeons

Grand Fantasia DungeonsThere are many dungeons across the world of Grand Fantasia and there are many different types of dungeons specifically made for players of different levels. Players have the option to solo dungeons or participate in them within a group of other players. The different types of dungeons are all level restricted and players need to be within specific level ranges in order to receive exp from them.

Novice Dungeons( Levels 1 - 30)

There are two dungeons available for novices, the first is the Prairie dungeon which allows players to enter at any level, but they will only receive exp when they're between levels 20-30.

While the second dungeon, White Ruins,  requires players between the levels 20-49 and some players that are between levels 50-80 to team up and complete the dungeon.

Grand Fantasia Novice Dungeons Beginner Dungeons(Levels 30-40)

The first Beginner Dungeon is the Condemned Mines which is designed for levels 31-41 to gain exp and contain slightly more advanced monsters with spacial abilities

Deserted Temple is the other Dungeon that is for levels 36-46 in order to receive exp and participate in mission orders, this dungeon even has a quest storyline.

Intermediate Dungeons(Levels 40-50)

There are three different dungeons available for players between levels 40-56 if they want to gain exp and complete mission orders. These dungeons offers various unique rewards such as the Blue Cape which comes as a one time reward as well as boss monster drops that can be used to craft rare equipment.

Advanced Dungeons(Levels 50-60)

There are also three Advanced Dungeons, not much change in terms of different aspects from the Intermediate dungeons, but the monsters and bosses are still more powerful and players should take caution.

Grand Fantasia Boss Monsters Expert Dungeons(Levels 60-70)

There is a lot more variety at these levels in terms of dungeons, as players can participate in up to 5 different dungeons between these levels. These dungeons introduce some new features such as plagues that randomly give players the plague status as well as more monsters with stun abilities

Master Dungeons(Levels 70-80)

There are four dungeons available at these levels, some of which are raids. Not much difference from the previous difficulty, but of course the monsters are stronger and the drops are better.

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