Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Grand Fantasia Fortification

Grand Fantasia Item Upgrade systemFortification is an item upgrade system in Grand Fantasia where players can fortify both their Armour and weapons. Up to +9 the durability of an item will go down to 0 if the fortification fails. Which means the item will require repairs before continuing, after +9, if the fortification fails then the item will get destroyed. To fortify between levels 16-18, players need an S Scroll and if the fortification fails then, the item's durability will be set to 0/0.

Players can also choose to include a clover during the fortification process, which increases the chance of success. There are also different types of scrolls that can be used to fortify equipment, most of which can be obtained from guild boss monsters as well as ordinary monsters. Fortifying armour will give bonus % of defence, or bonus % of attack damage for weapons. As well as offer visual glow effects for weapons which increase along with your fortification level.

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